Who We Are

S Two Limited was founded in 2001 to cater for the demand of quality formal and smart-casual clothing as well as precise alteration services.

We strive to use our expertise to the benefit of our clients through a discerning approach to fashion consulting with regard to what to wear, when and how to wear them.

To supplement these goals, a formalized set of standards guide our business decisions and shape our culture. The practical expression of these standards can be seen in our overall commitment to clients and the collaborative partnerships we build.

Using our considerable industry knowledge, we constantly aim to better understand and meet our clients’ needs. We have extensive relationships with the world’s leading fashion houses/labels which include Harry’s of London, Serapian, Jan Leslie, Henderson, Rolando Sturlini, Vittorio Spernanzoni, to name a few and as a consequence, a vast blending of clothes and accessories to choose from with reliable after-sales guarantees.

In 2002, S Two forged one of such partnerships with Emmett London, making us the sole authorized agents of the distinguished brand in Africa, with unfiltered access to over 400 shirt designs a season, in styles specifically tailored for the Nigerian market to enhance sustainable value for our customers.

At S Two, we realize that a continued commitment to client satisfaction strengthens and extends our relationships, and we mobilize the right people, skills and atmosphere to enrich your shopping experience.

Our History

S Two Limited was founded by Wale Oyefeso and Oluseyi Vaughan in 2001 to cater to the demand for impeccably made formal and smart-casual clothing as well as highly precise alteration services.

In 2002, S Two forged one of such partnerships with Emmett London giving us the exclusive rights to to represent the brand in Africa, with unfiltered access to over 400 shirt designs per season and styles tailor made to fit the Nigerian market. In the year 2011, S Two stepped in again to fill another gap caused by a lack of professional and effective alteration services in Nigeria. Our after sales services centre (alteration store) features highly detailed and professional tailors providing exceptional services everyday.

S Two has now forged other strong partnerships with brands like Harrys of London, Jan Leslie, Eminento, Serpian Milano amongst many others and more to come

Our Mission

Our Mission is to create an unforgettable shopping experience through impeccably made formal, smart casual clothing and accessories delivered with exceptional customer service.

Our Vision

To be at the forefront of African luxury and fashion industry